423023_10151099745037452_992813166_nGeorgina Lightning is a Native American woman who moved to Los Angeles with her 3 young children in 1990 to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for 3 years, which includes the 1 year of Repertory Theater. She was invited to extend her study of the craft by the American Academy Repertory Company after receiving the Michael Toma Award for most progressed actor of the graduating class. Repertory theater was where Lightning blossomed into a fearless actress, as she challenged many complex roles as the companies lead ingénue in Shakespeare, Isben, Brecht, Sam Shepard, S.Beckett, N.Coward, Arthur Miller, A.Checkov, etc.

Upon graduation and completion of her studies, Georgina remained in Los Angeles to work as an actor in the film industry and promote the careers of her three children. She coached her three children in the film industry during her 6 years of training and studies and continued on as coach and manager after her studies. They have been in TV, Film and Shorts, which include work with Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Bradly Cooper, and many more. To date they have garnered many credits in TV, Film, Experimental and Short films, as well they have each been awarded for outstanding performances over the years.

Because of the lack of roles for native women or participation of natives in the film industry Lightning’s participation in the industry evolved from actor/acting coach, into producer, film director, screenwriter and advocate for Women and Native Americans involvement in film. Guest star roles in Walker Texas Ranger, West Wing, Johnny Grey Eyes, etc and coaching her kids in various Film and TV roles X-Files and Touched by and Angel, or in film, 3 Ninja’s, The Brave, American Pie Band Camp, etc. just weren’t enough for Lightning, so between acting and coaching her kids, she spent much of her time over the many years supporting producers. Support in all aspects from recruiting and promoting native casting, producing, consulting and raising funds for many film projects as well as the Sundance Native Program until 2007 when she co-founded Tribal Alliance Productions with good friend Audrey Martinez of the San Manual Band of Mission Indians. Tribal Alliance Productions is a company dedicated to promoting the image, participation and content of Native Americans in all aspects of Film and TV. To date TAP has produced 2 feature films, some shorts and music videos, is currently in Post Production, on a feature docu-drama called “Fantasies of Flying” and has a slate of many projects in development.

As a filmmaker Lightning was named one of the 25 new faces of Independent film in Filmmaker Magazine in Summer issue 2007. Then after her directorial debut she received acclaim from the White House Project, Emerging Artist Award in Film in April 2010, WHP recognizes women in leadership in all sectors. Lightning was the first woman to have received this prestigious award in the film category. In 2011, she received Outstanding Actress and Outstanding Feature Film at the Hard Rocks – Image Awards. Older Than America has garnered a list of 23 awards to date.

Lightnings most recent acclaim is her Nomination for a Canadian Screen Award- previously known as a Gemini Award equal to an Emmy Award here in the US. The nomination was for “Best Supporting Actress on a Re-occuring role in TV Series” for her role as Tracy Bull in TV series “Blackstone”.

Older Than America is a 2008 American suspense drama film Lightning, Exec-produced, Directed, Created and Co-wrote starring Adam Beach, Bradley Cooper, Wes Studi, Tantoo Cardinal and Georgina Lightning. Released independently, the movie won Best Director and Best Supporting Actor at the American Indian Film Festival , the longest standing Native Film Festival in North America. The film explores and highlights the impact of the culture killing effects of the typical Native American experience in boarding schools in the 1900`s, and other inter-social relationships between the Native American, the government and the people who ran these schools. This film has won over 23 awards to date.

Lightning is an advocate for human rights, civil rights and social action, education, arts & culture and environment; these are a few of the issues that she speaks publicly about. She is interested in politics and health. She has been involved in the entertainment industry for 24 years. Georgina believes that there is no limit as to what you can accomplish.

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